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This blog is a platform for sharing advice and tips from my own experience and my readings in the field of business science and management (business intelligence and predictive analytics, strategic planning, people management, business process, business execution, etc) in order to find possible answers and perspectives to the critical question: “What are the real factors behind a business success or failure?". That is why all the issues of the equation of business success are addressed: Analytics + Strategy + Execution = Business Performance.

My latest productions


Book 1: Business Intelligence in telecoms Process, tools and techniques for building and managing a Business Intelligence/Analytics unit in a telecom company.


Book 2: Business Performance Management in telecoms. Why and how to put analytics at the core of the business. Interactive simulator and practical examples of using analytics in all the departments in a telecom company.


Articles, booklets, etc. Click on the image to get access to a detailed list of all my latest realizations.